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Obstacle course - package 13

This compact obstacle course is 4 metres wide and 4,5 metres long.

Posts painted in Signal black RAL 9004.

On the play equipment, the child can slide, climb and use their concentration skills to focus on not falling off.
Practicing to keep your balance and concentrate are good play values and our architects do their best to incorporate as many of these as possible in the playground. And with good reason.
Play values play a significant role in the child's motor development. The values challenge the basic motor skills and inspire the child to take the next step.
When the child practices something over and over again, they become better at controlling their body, which provides well-being - I didn’t fall - and self-confidence - I can do this.
Having a wide range of good play values also makes the playground more fun to be in.
You can read more about how we think and use the play values for the school-age child by clicking here.

The play equipment is designed for playgrounds in schools, housing associations, parks and other public outdoor areas, where several children meet to play and have fun.

We build the obstacle course around five black-painted robinia posts of FSC quality. You can find more information about our wood here.

All equitment are designed to meet the requirements of EN 1176.


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