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Obstacle course - balance beam 1

This balance beam is a versatile play equipment that challenges the balance in children and adults of all ages.

The balance beam is part of Elverdal's own Organic range, which is made of solid and resistant robinia wood.
The balance beam can be placed horizontally, as shown in the picture, or with one end lowered to create an incline.

The play equipment can stand alone or be part of a larger challenging obstacle course, ideal for training different sports as well as for general fitness well-being.
If you work as a teacher, you can also use the play as a means to talk about physical activity and what it takes, for example, to keep your balance.
Can also be used for an 'ultimate beast competition' to determine who can hold a bucket of balls in each hand without losing any.
For younger children, this equipment serves to develop the primary senses such as the muscle and joint senses and the vestibular senses. But they might need a helping hand to start so as not to fall down.
Working on improving motor skills helps to boost the child's self-confidence and self-esteem.

For more ideas, see all the obstacle course equipment here.


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