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Obstacle course - 6 triangles horizontal climbing net oak

This horizontal crawl net is designed by our architects for public outdoor areas such as school playgrounds. As we use nature's own materials, the play equipment will fit particularly well in a nature playground, where the net will help create a fun obstacle course.

The six nets are arranged horizontally in a circle, which is 6.3 metres wide and 5.6 metres deep, but can of course be set up in other ways between the seven oak wood posts.
We use taifun ropes to make the net, which means it can hold many kilos of weight - even when jumping.

The idea behind the play equipment is to create space for play but also motor development. Balancing, whether walking or crawling, is fun and challenging.
The net is strong but will give way and sway slightly when stepped on.
Our architects have thus addressed that children of different age groups should have the best opportunities to develop basic motor skills - their sense of balance as well as their sense of kinaesthesia - when playing.
Both balance and the sense of kinaesthesia are important senses to train, and you can click here on senses and motor development for more information.

The net can stand alone or be part of an obstacle course. This is done by combining the net with a crawl barrel, platform or similar equipment from the obstacle course series.
See the many options under obstacle courses.


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