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Carousel - stand HPL and steel

This carousel was designed by our architects and is produced in Germany.

The play equipment is built of glass-blown AISI304 stainless steel, and the platform surface is ‘anti-slip’ HPL, where the turning mechanism has low friction with maintenance-free bearings. The carousel measures 0.9 metres in height and 1 metre in diameter.
The size and quality of the materials and the wooden and natural-looking surface make this play equipment ideal for all public outdoor spaces, from kindergartens to parks as well as common areas by shopping centres.

The carousel is EN 1176-approved.

It strengthens the senses
Playing on it develops both the tactile sense and the vestibular sense.
On sunny days, if the child stands on the carousel in bare feet, they will feel the warmth of the sun’s rays, while rain on a rainy day will cause the water to run between their toes.
However, carousels are best known for developing the vestibular sense - also called the balance sense.
As the child spins, the child gets an experience of rhythm and timing in relation to body movement, which improves their balance. This provides body control and self-esteem and research shows that this leaves the child with more energy to focus on other things such as schoolwork.

We have several different types of carousels, and this model is also available in a choice of materials. See the other models in other materials on the right-hand side, or of this model isn’t the right one for you, seel all our carousels here.


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