Gentofte Ungdomsskole - outdoor training area for everyone

    With a meandering 100-metre running track, trampolines, crossfit equipment etc., the training area at Gentofte Ungdomsskole gives young people a free outdoor space for exercising and socialising in. Not only during school hours, but also during free time, where the area is open to everyone – both young and old - in the local area.

    Gentofte LIV, an association of local schools, sports clubs and cultural centres, was behind the initiative to expand the existing local sports and exercise facilities.

    Material - Gentofte Ungdomsskole


    Our architects have created a training area in an informal style that relates to young people and stimulates the desire to get moving.

    The idea was to create an active outdoor space for teaching secondary school students, but also for the nearby schools, sports clubs and everyone who lives in or comes to the area.

    The oval area is divided into smaller training zones within a meandering running track, which adds a playful dynamic to the outdoor space. The training equipment includes e.g. crossfit and OCR, which improves fitness and is ideal for training in groups.

    All functions on the pitch are produced in long-lasting, high-quality materials, e.g. fully cast environmentally friendly rubber coating, steel posts and stainless steel bars.

    Mood lighting and individual solar-powered light bollards around the running track provide a pleasant atmosphere in the training area.

    Model - Gentofte Ungdomsskole - træning


    Running track: The connecting element in the area is a 100 metre- running track – a track that curves, goes up over the bunker and is also functional in that it can be used for both 10-metre sprints and 100-metre runs.

    Crossfit area: Contains training equipment for all muscle groups that are strengthened by crossfit. Training icons have also been laid in the surface for interval training.

    OCR-bane (ObstacleCourse Racing): OCR is a popular training phenomenon. The obstacle course can be used on your own or with others in a competition as part of a race.

    Trampoline (fitness): Trampolines strengthen fitness and muscles in the legs, buttocks and back. Meanwhile the joint and position sense is stimulated, including the ability to coordinate muscles and joints in the right timing.

    The arm carousel: Strengthens vestibular sense and balance. Also strengthens the arm and back muscles when you have to hold on at speed.

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    Model - Gentofte Ungdomsskole - functions

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