'Europaskolen' in Copenhagen

    The playground for the 'Europaskolen' in Copenhagen is an amazing multi-level school project. Our task was to create the best possible outdoor play and sports area, as well as areas for seating and hanging out, in a relatively small space. All playground equipment had to be custom installed on rooftop areas at different levels.

    Colours, play values, structures, play activities were carefully and in an open process agreed-upon with the school's professional experts. The result was that all deadlines of the project were kept, and the school now has a future-proof outdoor area with a lot of play values.

    The project is accomplished in collaboration with BAM Denmark as turnkey contractor and NORD Architects.

    Architect Line Grubb, NORD Architects:

    'Our collaboration with Elverdal was bound on an open and solution-oriented approach. That made it possible for us in unison to create a string of age adjusted and multipurpose rooftop playgrounds, that live up to the requests of contractor and engaged stakeholders.

    We are very happy for Elverdal's meticulous approach and competency, which helped the project succeed.'

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