Ebba Braheskolan

    Ebba Braheskolan wanted a new school playground with play equipment specially targeted at the youngest children in the playground.
    The solution was two beautiful Theodor play towers painted a deep dark green. Together with the green impact absorbing surface of artificial turf, a beautiful and colourful setting has been created. Theodor towers with slides, panna court play
    train and sports facilities are located on the school roof.

    The ground level has an obstacle course with vines, balance stumps, a covered sandpit, etc. In terms of design, this solution was very simple.

    The school’s management liked our standard Theodor play equipment, but wanted some individual changes made, and thanks to these the school got the exact playground solution that they wanted.

    It was important for our customer that the delivery time was met, which we worked hard to achieve with a short delivery time.

    Play and movement for everyone

    The school playground was split into four areas

    1) large obstacle course
    - here all children can challenge their basic motor skills and sense of balance.
    See more obstacle courses for inspiration

    2) fended sports facilities
    - where you can play football, hockey.

    3) panna court
    - you can quickly get your heartrate up here.

    4) minimalist play area
    - encouraging the youngest children to play.
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