Colourful playhouses to Karavan Landskap's redesign of St. Göransparken

Karavan Landskap’s redesign of St. Göransparken in Stockholm is done with respect for the cultural-historical qualities of the park, and recurs in the design of the playground.

The many terraces are preserved and some have been given new functions, that create activities for more uder groups.

The playground with the colourful houses is placed on the terraces in the northern end of the park. Here families with young children and day care institutions can enjoy the play area with the beautiful view of the park.

Elverdal has developed and produced the custom playhouses and the climbing structure in close collaboration with Karaven Landskap. The design is inspired by allotment gardens.

Colour palette fits the narrative

The colouring is matching the allotment garden storytelling, when Karavan Landskap's chooses to have the playhouses painted with Swedish traditional paint Slamfärg. The three colours used are falu-red, umbra and yellow soil. Slamfärg gives a beautiful soft matt surface and provides durability.

Custom designed playhouses

All of the playhouses are custom design of Elverdal’s Olivia series, with modified window designs according to the position of the houses and lightning conditions. This way the houses will have a open view to the green surroundings and the children can see into each other’s houses while playing.

Three of the houses are placed close together. With the low picket fences around the houses, children will get the feeling of entering a small neighborhood.

The three houses are mounted on an angled terrace deck made of larch wood with an oak frame. One house on the side of the deck to let the sand surface go all the way into the house.

Two Olivia houses have been transformed into a climbing structure, which can remind a bit of a treetop house.

Each playhouse has its individual design, so there will always be new things to explore.

One house is with a small table and bench inside, another has window box, signboard and counter, and in the third you can play with sand.

Play opportunities

With this composition of playhouses and a climbing structure, children in the age group 0-6 years get a whole world of play possibilities.

The small allotment garden houses next to the hens are for the younger children. They create a great place for role play, sand play or playing hide and seek in between the houses.

The climbing structure is made of two Olivia playhouses on poles and a short rope tunnel net. To get up and down, the children can take the upright ladder, the climbing wall with climbing holds or the slide. It provides opportunities for the children to play high up and take risks in a safe environment.

Climbing activities trains the bilateral coordination, that connects the two sides of the body and brain. The ability to coordinate is important for how the child eventually will learn to read and write.

Photos: Karavan Landskap

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