Solvallsparken - Activity park in Rosendal

    Solvallsparken is a multifunctional activity park designed by Karavan Landskap. The park is situated in connection with the multiarena of the sports club SEB Usif in the recently built Uppsala district called Rosendal.

    In collaboration with the landscape architects we picked and put together all the play equipment for the park.

    The aim of the municipality was to create an activity park for all age groups, where sports area and play space mix with each other - An outdoor space that makes children and young people switch of their phones and meet in real life, while playing or doing exercises. Where adults can take their fitness training outside and everyone can meet across ages and different needs.

    Many play values

    Karavan has created a strong identity for the park, which is designed around a multifunctional pathway, that serves both as a walkway, running track and a cycle path.
    The pathway connects the different zones with varied functions: fitness training, parkour, fields, play areas for both young children and for older children, as well as places for stay to meet, take a break or have social interactions.

    We focused on providing the play areas with high play value by picking and developing play equipment, which make children play in many different ways and challenge their growth at different ages.

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    Landezine International Landscape Award

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