Art project with play sculptures for Mårtenstorget in Lund

    Molly's Haslund's three play sculptures located on Mårtenstorget in front of Lund's Art Gallery encourages art gallery visitors and passers-by to engage with the urban space.

    The installation consists of 1) a maze with water, 2) a single designed steel play sculpture with a double circle and 3) hopscotch drawn in thermoplastic.

    The sculptures encourage play in people of all ages as many will be familiar with hopscotch, running through the water in the maze or playing with hula hoops.

    In summer, you can take off your shoes and let the water run between your toes.

    Work titles: Jump In Jump Out, Magic Circles and Short Cut Fountain (2018).

    Commissioned assignment for Lund Art Gallery and Lund Municipality.

    We have produced the individual and beautiful play sculptures for Molly Haslund.

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    Lund, Sverige

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