The crabs of the seaweed forest in Lunde Bydelspark

    A giant crab crawls around in the seaweed forest along with its 'baby crabs'. Watch out! Don’t to get caught in the crab trap!

    In the seaweed forest, 'crabs' of all ages can practice balancing, forward rolls and swinging so high that their tummies tickle. The small carousels are buoys that float on the water and can make you spin.

    Imagination and attention

    The playground in Lunde Bydelspark is inspired by coastal life along Stavanger's coastline with crabs and mussels in a seaweed forest.

    It is spacious and imaginative with a varied content of play equipment that allows children and adults to experiment and develop their curiosity, imagination and attention. There is plenty of room to run around, balance on the heart mussels and climb and scuttle nimbly like a crab.

    The playground is designed for children from 0-12 years and creates a place to meet for local families with children and a beautiful excursion destination. In the seaweed forest, the children can play on the climbing facilities, obstacle
    courses and swings, and they can also practice their skills in taking care of each other and waiting their turn. You may also need to help your smaller siblings up onto the crab.

    And when those scary crab fishermen come along, you can seek shelter in the giant crab's belly. She stretches her claws forward so you can climb up and into her belly. When the danger is over, you can take the slide out and carry
    on playing in the seaweed forest.

    All the play equipment is made of wood, steel and painted wood that fits into the surroundings and the coastal life theme.

    Playground by the coast

    The playground is located at Lunde Park at the tip of Lundsneset in Stavanger and was designed in collaboration with Stavanger Municipality.

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