Custom swings for Hammarby Kaj

    For Nivå Landskap's transformation of the waterfront Fredriksdalskajen (the Fredriksdal Quay) in Stockholm, we made two custom large-scale swings creating an active space on the quay.

    Fredriksdalskajen is located at Hammarby Lake and the project was part of a major urban development project, Hammarby Sjöstad, in the southern part of Stockholm. The former industrial harbour area is turned into a residential area and the site a pleasant outdoor recreational spot in the city.

    The design of the site has references to the industrial character of the area and form and materials are recurring in the new functions.

    The two tall white swings are custom made with white side panels curved like arches. Repeating the form of the arches of the Skans Bridge, that connects Frederiksdalskajen to the neiighborhood Södermalm.

    The swings are made of stainless steel and the side panels are with a tiny star pattern. Both swings have lights on the inside, in this way the swing can light up the quay area in the evenings with a soft glowing light.


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