Gladsaxe Sportscenter - an urban jungle

    At Gladsaxe Sportscenter, ponds, canal systems and pools now provide relief to the water infrastructure while opening up the sports area to informal and spontaneous activities.

    An urban jungle
    In collaboration with a landscape architect, Elverdal was tasked with creating a sports and play area by ladsaxe Sportscenter. The project is specially designed as a playground intended to provide opportunities for fun and challenging play while also serving as one of Denmark’s largest rainwater collection facilities. The place will thus consist of several open rainwater basins that will fill up when it rains. The basins will feature specially designed playground equipment that allows children to play both in dry weather and on rainy days.

    The theme for the area is an urban jungle with a rope bridge, hanging mats, pendulum swings, a climbing rope and much more. Overall, it is intended to be a place that appeals to both children and grown-ups, with room for lounging, climbing, hanging out and testing one’s balance. The challenge is to keep a steady head - and balance - if you want to avoid getting your feet wet.

    A contribution to the world’s most groundbreaking climate solutions
    The Cities100-report highlights this particular play area as an innovative climate solution. The report presents 100 of the best climate solutions from cities around the world.

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    Jens Bo Thorsager

    Gladsaxevej 200
    2860 Søborg


    Project no.
    2042 og 2483