Gammel Estrup 

    The playground is located adjacent to one of Denmark's best-preserved Renaissance manors: Gammel Estrup, Denmark's Manor Museum.

    The playground is designed as an introduction to the museum from a child's perspective, featuring stories from the maid's world and narratives about noble life.

    Several architectural elements from the manor are replicated in the playground. It is publicly accessible.

    Materiale - Gammel Estrup

    Introduction to the Museum - Site-Specific Solution

    The new playground is designed specifically for the museum, featuring clear references to Gammel Estrup's manor complex with ramparts, bridges, and the distinctive octagonal tower.

    The fundamental idea is for the playground to provide a child-friendly introduction to a visit to the manor. It includes three climbing tracks and corresponding sound pillars, where by turning a hand crank, stories of the manor are narrated by the maid, the dowager countess, and the count.

    Inside the play tower, there are motifs that one can also find inside the actual manor. This way, visitors can climb, listen, slide, and play their way into the history of the manor.

    Creative Solution - Increased Visitor Numbers

    With the manor playground, the museum aimed to attract even more children, and it has succeeded beyond expectations.

    Looking at the total visitor numbers for July and August in 2022 and 2023 respectively, there is an increase of 14.1%. Zooming in on the number of child guests, there was a significant rise of 25.9%.

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