Christian Frederiks plass - a story about Norway

    The Christian Frederiks plass playground lies in the heart of Oslo with a design that pays tribute to Norwegian culture and nature.
    The sloping surfaces of the play equipment open up the space and provide easy access from all sides, while the mountain is the central focal point, creating visibility and recognisability.

    The play equipment contains play values for children of all ages, and the main path through the square is clearly marked and allows room for passers-by.

    Materiale - Chr. Frederiks plass

    Background for the concept

    The playground is centrally located in Oslo, where there are many tourists. We wanted to create a story about Norway and a learning environment for the many visitors.

    The calm diversity of the Norwegian nature, from the small islands of the archipelago to the majestic mountains, is represented by small wooden sculptures, play islands and a climbing mountain.

    The diversity and theming are accentuated by a calm colour choice that draws visitors into the square. For the locals, the playground will bring back memories of childhood and holidays.

    Model - Chr. Frederiks plass - træskulptur, klatre, natur, fjelde

    The features are

    1) river with stream and balancing rocks
    2) lowland with bird's nest swing and hiking trail
    3) building with playhouse and balance track
    4) hiking trail with balance track and bridge
    5) mountain and jumping hill with climbing sculpture
    6) sea with hopscotch and playing field

    ... and much more.

    Model - Chr. Frederiks plass - function - swing, balance, climing

    Play value

    Elverdal's architects were the creatives in the process and developed and designed the playground, while our engineers and production team were responsible for manufacturing all the elements. The specially designed play equipment contains multiple different play values.

    The project consists of a unique play mountain that contains play functions such as sliding, climbing and crawling. It is also possible to stop at the top.
    The mountain is flanked by small islands that vary in height, shape and colour. You can walk between the small islands, e.g. over the small balance stumps, thereby strengthening the ability to balance. You can bounce high on the trampolines or find peace and friends in one of the Olivia playhouses.

    The quiet sensorimotor play equipment includes binoculars and a speaking tube. Small wooden sculptures serve as information boards with interesting information about Norway.

    A multifunctional solution with both physical and sensorimotor challenges - such as:

    The vestibular sense:
    - Swinging and rocking

    The kinesthetic sense:
    - Crawling, climbing, balancing and jumping

    The tactile sense:
    - Touching with rubber and wood

    Choice of materials

    The playground is built on top of an existing surface, and the facility consists of the following elements

    • rubber surface
    • rubber stones
    • paint of asphalt and
    • thermoplastic

    The play equipment is made of different materials, with the mountain being the largest single structure built as a self-supporting steel unit. The climbing wall is made of polyester, and plastic has been used for the climbing tube and
    crawling tunnel. Wood has been used for play equipment such as swings, bridges, playhouses etc.


    1) Elverdal was contacted by the client - Oslo municipality - early March 2019.

    2) The client wanted a playground that would be ready for the opening of Oslo as environmental capital in 2019. The goal for Oslo municipality was a playground that could function as an 'excursion destination', and thus a place to visit for both local residents and tourists in Oslo. The solution had to create an attractive, easily recognisable activity area targeted at a broad user group. The priority target group was children and families with children. The solution should not lead to changes in existing surfaces.

    3) Elverdal began the creative process.

    4) Elverdal presented and won the tender to supply the playground.

    5) Elverdal manufactured and built the solution.

    6) The playground was delivered and opened at the end of July 2019.

    Chr. Frederiks plass 2
    0154 Oslo

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