Urban gardening playground - Aksel Møllers Have

    Aksel Møllers Have is a public park in Frederiksberg. Our design of the play areas is inspired by the concept of urban gardening and community gardens, both old and new ones, in Frederiksberg and Copenhagen. They are urban green spaces, where everyone can go and relax, play or be part of the local garden community. You can find vegetables gardens, a bit more wild nature and comfortable nooks, where you can sit and enjoy the 'wild' nature.

    The garden in Aksel Møllers Have is a wonderful green spot for people of all ages. Especially families with children and local day cares are often visiting the play areas, Here the children can play, look for insects, listen to the bees humming while they explore the paths between bushes and planting beds. This is a wonderful place to play hide and seek.

    Children can test the balance skills on the large-scale wooden gardening equitment, climb up into the play towers and from one to another. In the sand box, the youngest children can have fun playing with the gigant wooden carrots and pour the sand through the wormholes. Or whould you rather climb across the spiderweb or enjoy a ride on the cute snail?

    With the design we like to invite children to create their own fantasy universes. In the mini city of play houses and towers, you can play you have your own flower shop or grocery store, but the houses might as well be a fortress, you are defending, or a secret castle.

    The different play spots are connected by small paths and wooden bridges in between the planting beds.
    They invite you to explore the garden and give comfort to all by creating an open view across the garden.

    City Gardens

    The play equipment is inspired by the activities around gardening - growing vegetables and following the life of the garden and nature. The life of the insects and small animals in a garden.

    Children will find wellknown elements like vegetables, a spiderweb, city houses and gardening tools. These elements are integrated with the play functionalities to inspire their fantasy play as well as create fun challenges.

    Carrots are growing in the sandbox. They are both sculptural and fun to play with. They have wormholes, you can look through or pour sand into, or explore the form, holes and cracks with your fingers.

    In the mini city you can play flower shop, grocery store, buy an ice cream, or make up your own fantasy universe.


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