This playground in Ahrtal was born from a great vision

    In northern North Rhine-Westphalia, facing Rhineland-Pfalz, lies the cosy little village of Ahrtal. The village is perched right on the small river Ahr, a tributary of the Rhein.

    The centre of Ahrtal was once home to the old fire station and power station, which supplied the village with electricity. After the storm surge of July 2021, the two buildings were brutally swept away by giant forces of nature. In the aftermath of these violent experiences, a visionary and energetic entrepreneur took action. Henrick Drüen took matters into his own hands and gathered a large team of friends to do much of the clean-up.

    Many children had lost everything, from their favourite toy to their first bike. not to mention their pets.
    For Henrik Drüen and his team this was unbearable, so the next step was setting up the 'Verein AhrKids & Friends' group. It is thanks to this group of people that money was raised to build a new playground for the children of Ahrtal.

    We are delighted, in collaboration with AhrKids & Freinds, to deliver the new playground to the children of Ahrtal, which we hope will bring joy, laughter and positive energy after the terrible experience they had.

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    Beautiful playground that follows the Ahr

    The Ahr cuts through the landscape, between steep cliffs with vineyards on either side. The wonderful scenery is both brimming with nature and different taste experiences and it forms the backdrop to the town's playground.

    We let the playground and its design follow the river, allowing the child to
    e.g. float along the Ahr on a zip wire. A fun game is to get a playmate to put a small paper boat on the water and see who gets to the other end first. The boat or the child?

    Play along!

    For this playground, we focused on including many different types of play equipment so that all the children in the village, and the many tourists, can enjoy the facilities.

    Here you will find:
    • Zip wire
    • Swing set with two tyre swings
    • Swing set with bird’s nest swing - Theodor play tower with climbing net and tube slide - Water bench

    The play equipment offers both fun play and multiple motor challenges.

    The playground is located within an area of 34 x 11 metres.

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