Activity field for green common area in Vestbjerg

    For a publicly accessible green area in Vestbjerg, Aalborg Municipality wanted to create a 'field of activity' inside the grassy area.

    On a smaller area, we have put together a ‘balance forest’ comprising different rubber balls in varying sizes and colours. They form a myriad of balance courses that can challenge both younger and older children's motor skills. The forest of full and half rubber balls provides a fun and alternative experience of being very small in the landscape and walking across large beach stones. The playground is a meeting place for children from the local area.

    The activity field has many play values such as balancing, going up and down, climbing up, sliding down, coordinating movements and launching into a jump.

    And if you need a quick break during the play, the rubber balls are also nice to sit on.

    Functions: 43 whole and half rubber balls in different sizes and colours. Rubber coating.

    : Aalborg municipality, city and landscape administration

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    9380 Vestbjerg

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