Ronald McDonald Hus

    The Ronald McDonald Hus (red. Ronald McDonald House) in Lund serves as a safe base for families who are going through a difficult time with a seriously ill child in Skåne University Hospital.

    The house serves to help families find peace and strength at this time. The house is a place for parents to meet and share thoughts and experiences with others in the same situation. The playground in the garden needed to contribute to the house's goal of creating a homely environment, encouraging people to come outside and get some exercise in the fresh air.

    Small playground creates a sense of community and variety during times of illness

    The playground is predominantly made of wooden materials to provide a calm nature experience and a harmonious space for joint activities, play and movement.

    The play equipment was chosen based on the fact that it offers play options for different energy levels. A low balance track provides challenges that can be varied depending on how much effort the child is able to put in. Hammocks and platforms provide seating and resting areas for the adults so they can be close to their children while they play, and a space for children to take a break from playing.

    Play equipment

    Swingstand with two swings
    Hammock swing
    Balance tops in wood

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