Nature Playground in NærHeden 

    In he NærHeden residential area playground, both young and old can romp about on the almost 200-metre-long obstacle course with a wide choice of play routes on green terrain. The nature playground is the largest in Loopet, which is the meeting place and hub of all NærHeden’s social activities. It is close to both residential clusters and the new school that is being built.

    For Nærheden’s green areas, we have developed and established a nature playground in collaboration with the urban development company NærHeden P/S, which is responsible for developing the entire residential area.

    The playground's natural features, including the curved tree trunks, are inspired by the large green areas close to Nærheden, Sejlbjerg Mose - and Hedeland Park further out.

    The obstacle course weaves wilder nature in between the houses and creates a green pocket for play, football, sitting and relaxation. In the landscape, it lies as a 'station' along a stream that collects rainwater, leading to another green common area with tables and benches.

    For play across age groups

    An obstacle course makes it fun for kids to play together across age groups. The youngest can balance on tree trunks and climb the lowest obstacles. Once they’ve got their balance, the course becomes more challenging, especially if you want to do it at speed.

    Because the course provides different difficulty levels, it will provide challenges for all ages and abilities. Here you have to jump from top to top, arm-walk your way across, balance on beams and ropes, climb over nets and in vines. The nature playground encourages numerous community games where everyone can join in, e.g., 'the ground is toxic', 'the crocodile is coming' or hide-and-seek. Who's in?

    Ole Møller, Director of NærHeden P/S, says:

    "The nature playground provides a unique opportunity for activity nearby. It is located in one of the green areas that help bring nature into the district and provides an experience of nature that is more than just mowed lawns and trees. Here you can play in grasses with flowers, experience insects and observe the movements of the water. The playground provides space for play, movement, immersion and learning about nature.

    Here, children from different residential clusters in NærHeden can meet to play a variety of games. Grandparents can push their grandchild on the swing, and the slightly older schoolchildren can play catch on the obstacle course. The obstacles are also ideal for adults to use during training".

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