Tools and facilities for Frederikssund Idrætsby's 'outdoor gym'

    Once again it is a great pleasure for us to work with Schul Landskabsarkitekter, who has developed the innovative concept for Frederikssund Idrætsby's approx. 3,000-m2 training and activity area.

    With the idea of establishing an 'outdoor gym' on the square between the swimming pool and the football facility, Schul Landscape Architects is breaking the norms for what a sports-active outdoor area can do.

    Gymnastics equipment meets other disciplines

    Gymnastics is fundamental for active children, young people, and adults in all sports, and in the design of the activity space, Schul Landscape Architects brings the gym and its equipment outside and incorporates gymnastics in ball games, climbing, running and play.

    Elverdal was chosen as the supplier of all equipment and products because our proposals for both materials and functions get the gymnastics equipment, disciplines and
    qualities translated into outdoor use. Elverdal has managed to fulfil a desire to combine functions, design, and aesthetics, both in colours and material. With a delivery of pure fully welded stainless steel products, we can create a common thread throughout the aesthetics of the area.

    An outdoor movement exploratorium

    Elverdal have established four different movement zones at the activity site. These include courses of varying degrees of difficulty, so that children and adults can try their hand at basic movements. Much of the equipment will serve to stimulate the vestibular sense and the proprioceptive sense (muscle and posture sense), which are fundamental to any athletic development.

    And ball games get a whole new environment with a multi-purpose sports court, where a large air cushion can also be rolled out. The air cushion provides different heating options, so that children will be able to safely explore boundaries both with the body and with the ball.

    Zone 1 - Green

    Zone 1 is an outdoor gym containing the classic elements required for
    gymnastics and ball games.

    The child can explore boundaries both with their body and with the ball.

    During the summer months, football and gymnastics associations will be able to hold regular activity days.

    Zone 2 - Red

    The red zone is for gymnastics for very young children, which is why the equipment is at child’s height.

    The variation is essential to encouraging children to explore their bodies in new ways, hence there is a wide variety of equipment.
    The exercises will train the vestibular sense and the proprioceptive sense.

    Movements are explored in a safe environment, perhaps for the first time.

    Zone 3 - Blue

    The Blue Zone is located centrally in the outdoor gym and has a more raw and urban look and feel.

    This zone encourages speed, free movement, climbing and coordination.

    The eye-catching climbing tower is here, resembling a rock and a sculpture.

    Zone 4 - Green

    In this zone, the focus is on strength-based gymnastic equipment.
    Classic gymnastics equipment is mixed with modern equipment such as trx training.

    The zone is primarily for adults for both self-organised and organised use.

    Children's agility means that they will also be able to use the tools e.g. by

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