Aktivitetstaget Bella – Rooftop for sport, play and togetherness 

    Active outdoor spaces, a green neighborhood and a vibrant street life are desired qualities in big cities. The vision of the urban district Bellakvarter is to create a neighborhood, that combines traditional everyday city life of Copenhagen with the international activities of Bella Center Copenhagen.

    Elverdal has designed Aktivitetstaget Bella with playground for Bellakvarter, which is a new urban diverse area in its making, close to Bella Sky Hotel and Bella Center Copenhagen in Ørestad. The aim is to make an active outdoor area for residents and commuters, and at the same time create a new venue for Bella Center.

    From the roof you can enjoy the ride down a 16-meter-long curved slide to a playground area for kids and families in green surroundings next to the building – or take the staircase.

    Aktivitetstaget is close to both city and nature. In ten minutes, you will find yourself in the green, protected nature of Amager Fælled.


    Aktivitetstaget Bella takes the values of the logistics centre - distribution and transport - out of the Building, and transforms the huge flat space on top of the building into a spectacular outdoor room for active play and sports, spending time with good friends - or making new.

    In bright blue, red and white colors, the roof top stands out and gives an international street vibe to the local environment. The graphics of the surfacing is inspired by the tasks of the logistics center, with boxes for exercising and routes to follow.

    Multifunctional outdoor room

    Early in the process, the builders asked for integration of a full-size street basketball court in the design of the roof. They aspire to host professional street basketball games and outdoor sport fashion shows. Other possible events could be conferences, receptions, fitness sessions or film screenings during summer.

    The wish for multipurpose was solved by placing the basketball court in the center of the roof, and fitness equipment, panna court and running trail around it in different zones. A 100-meter running trail passes a panna court and exercise box, a slack line, balancing posts, trampolines and a meeting box.

    You can also take your walk-and-talk meeting to the roof or meet in the covered meeting box.

    Play space

    The playground creates a green play space for young children and their families, as well as for kindergartens and schools. The design includes playhouses, sandbox, a climbing structure, a climbing wall and small hills, which altogether challenge the children’s motor skills and social aptitudes at different levels.

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