Dragaberget Barnehage - a playground with a Viking theme

    A playground with a Viking theme that sparks the child's imagination and lends itself to role play across age groups.

    The Viking ship is ready to sail out to sea. Imagine how the Vikings prepared the ship for sailing. In the Viking village there are also lots of chores to be done and everyone is involved.

    Elverdal has designed the thematic playground for the private day care institution Dragaberget Kindergarten in Hundvåg. By Stavanger lies the mountain where the Vikings pulled their ships ashore and built a large village. The local history is the source of inspiration for the design. In the design, some of the play equipment from the previous playground has been recycled.

    The playground was designed in collaboration with Stangeland.

    Viking Age and imaginative play

    The outdoor areas are divided into play zones for the youngest children aged 0-3, and for the older children up to 6 years. The concept calls for play, movement and communities, but also for calm, contemplation and learning.

    The ship and the village encourage the children to explore and unfold their own imaginative worlds - both in small groups and in larger joint activities across age groups. The large Viking ship up on the hill is exciting to climb up for a view that stretches beyond the entire playground. Around the ship, children can balance and climb over nets and balance peaks. The ship is large enough for many children to play together in a game of catch and hide-and-seek.
    Close to the ship is the Viking castle and a balance track with elements from the Viking Age. Here, swords, barrels, dragon heads, axes and shields are designed for a balance track that provides motor challenges.

    Open, free areas with space for many children (and adults) provide the opportunity for ball games and space for e.g. joint events in the kindergarten.

    Play that stimulates the kinesthetic sense

    With its varied movement challenges, the playground supports the child's development of the kinesthetic sense, also called the muscle-joint sense. This is the sense that governs how we coordinate our movements.

    Activities and games that stimulate the kinesthetic sense are crawling, climbing, jumping, balancing and being out playing on uneven surfaces and varied materials. Read more about children's basic motor skills and the three senses.

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