Swings and swing sets

Swings and swing sets for day-care, parks and other public areas

There are few other types of playground equipment used as actively as swings. That is why Elverdal has strict requirements in relation to quality, safety and design when producing and selecting our swings. Elverdal’s swings and swing sets are certified in addition to being of the highest quality and meeting all standards.

These products are available as stand-alone or as configurable equipment in our Builder.

Swings improve motor skills - and are brilliant in schoolyards

A swing set needs to be made from strong and durable materials that do not weaken over time. The swings must be set up at an appropriate distance from the ground, and all the design details should ensure that it is impossible to get stuck. A swing set is a crucial part of many playgrounds. Children love the exhilarating feeling of soaring through the air and the sinking feeling in their stomach when swinging really fast.

In addition to being a thrill, swinging comes with a host of benefits. Swings help develop gross motor functions and aid in the development of better balance and spatial awareness. In quieter moments, the gentle rocking sensation of the swing encourages deep conversation.

Help choosing the right swing

We are always ready to help and advise you on what the best option is for you, e.g. whether you should choose tyre swings, baby swings or nest swings for your playground. Our swing sets are available in wood and steel. Common to all of them is the consistently high manufacturing quality. And of course, our swings and swing sets meet all safety requirements and are approved for public use e.g. for schools, day-care, housing, leisure and public Parks.


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