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Swing set - pentagonal robinia and steel 5 seats h 2.4m

A 2.4-metre high and simple, pentagonal swing set for the larger public outdoor space such as parks and school playgrounds. Here, up to five children can swing at a time.

There is room for both big and small children.
Swinging against each other adds an extra dimension to play, as the children can easily make eye contact, and swinging against each other presents challenges and requires timing.
The swing set is architect-designed in robinia wood and steel. These materials produce safe play equipment.

Not only is swinging great fun, it also supports the child's motor development.

Play and learning go together!
Swinging helps to improve the child's ability to concentrate, for example on their school work. When the child doesn’t have to focus so much on their motor skills, they have extra energy and focus for other things, such as school work.
Swinging develops the vestibular sense and thereby the child's basic motor skills, and the child becomes more adept at maintaining balance. When the child no longer has to think so much about their bodily functions, they gain surplus energy and focus to explore the world around them and to practice, for example, verb conjugation, multiplication tables, etc.

The swing set is available in a wide choice of designs. See them all here.


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