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Swing set - multi-angle oak and steel six classic with hanger h 2.4m

This architect-designed zig-zag swing is designed for outdoor spaces with multiple children. This could be a school playground, e.g. with an after-school scheme, a park or at a housing association.

The swings, as they are drawn here, have many functions, thus bringing multiple play values to the playground. The child can swing on their own, or the swing can form the setting for new friendships and fun play. When several children use this particular swing, a fun thing to do is to time when you meet in the middle. That is, when one swings backwards, the child on the next swing swings forwards.
We believe that all playgrounds should have a swing.

The six swings hang from stainless steel chains from oak posts of a height of 2.4 metres. For safety reasons, all six swings have a hanger fitted so that the children can’t knock into each other. This complies with regulations in the playground standard, i.e. EN 1176.
The oak posts give the play equipment a natural look that fits in well with nature playgrounds, allowing it to easily 'hide' among trees and shrubs.

You will find many more swing models here if this one wasn’t quite right for you.

The many play values
Playing on a swing has always been a key playground attraction for children. It's fun to swing, and together they have to learn to share and play, which involves their social skills. But a swing ride also strengthens the vestibular sense and the sense of position. When the child has to keep their balance by moving their arms and legs in a rhythm, their cross-coordination ability develops. The child gets control of their body and their self-esteem grows. This allows them to shift their energy and focus on other things, e.g. drawing and maths.


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