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Swing set - bird's nest, two saddle swings and two baby A-frame swings in larch and steel h 2.1m

Here is an architect-designed swing set, which is a variant of ORG18040XX. This model is suitable for public outdoor areas, where there are both very young children and children of school age, such as housing associations and parks.

The swing set has a bird's nest swing, two baby swings and two classic swing seats. The swings are attached to stainless steel chains that are mounted on larch posts of a height of 2.1 metres. The lark posts of the swing frame are placed on steel feet.

We give the swing set has a natural look with its wooden posts, making it ideal for a nature playground, where it will appear 'invisible' between bushes and trees.

The equipment is EN 1176-approved and thus also for public use.

The social and fun playground
This swing set accommodates children from several age groups. The swing ride with friends or a sibling is fun, and that's what swings do - they bring children together around play. On the bird’s nest swing, children can swing with close body contact, while the saddle swings and baby swings are individual swing seats. These are perfect for synchronously swinging.

Swinging thus develops social skills, but also the children’s physique and their sense of position. The child's legs need to find the right rhythm thus improving basic motor skills. The child’s self-esteem grows and they can shift their focus away from the physical and onto other things.

Read more about developing motor skills here.


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