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Swing - saddle A-frame steel h 2.1m

Our architects have designed this classic swing for public outdoor spaces such as picnic areas, schools and shopping malls. The options are endless.

The swing is from our Organic series and made of long-lasting steel. The crossbar is also made of galvanised steel, and the frame height is 2.1 metres.

The seats on this model are saddle seats for a good, comfy fit. The child can swing themselves or enjoy a quick spin if the swing is twisted. Of course you can also have fun with your friends. Who can swing the highest? Swing sets are a key element in the playground as they strengthen the vestibular sense. Balance ability is challenged and gross motor skills and sense of space are improved. This will increase the child's own safety as they will have better control of their body. Their ability to sit still and concentrate also improves. Read more about the play values and how swings can contribute to the child's motor development.

Our swings and swing sets comply with the EN1176 standard and are certified.

If this was not the right swing for you, see more swings here.


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