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Swing - hammock single robinia h 1.25m

A single hammock for the public outdoor space, such as playgrounds.
The hammock is suitable for children of all ages and is a great pitstop from more active play, a spot to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet with the soothing rocking motion.
The soothing motion trains the vestibular sense, which is an important sense to train. A good vestibular sense improves balance and leaves more energy to focus on other areas such as reciting times tables, or social rules of a game.
Read more about motor development and movement here.

Kids will definitely use the hammock in multiple ways. Two girls might want to lie down together for a girl talk, while the more sensitive child might need alone time and to just enjoy the motion.

The play equipment has a width of 5 metres and a depth of 1.1 metres but is available in many more variants both in terms of number of hammocks and materials. See all swings and hammocks here.

This model is suspended in strong taifun rope in poles of robinia wood.


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