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Play sculpture - Rubber half-ball SBR ø 0.7m

This rubber play sculpture is ideal for public outdoor spaces, such as school playgrounds and nurseries, but also in parks, near museum areas and similar.
The play equipment is shaped like a half-ball (also called a rubber hemisphere) and can be used by both younger and older children to rest or play on.
Through play - for example on an alternative obstacle course made of rubber balls in different shapes and sizes - the child trains their ability to balance in a fun way.
The ability to balance is one of the important senses to train, as good balance frees up resources to focus on work.

The rubber sculpture is available as solid balls and cubes - see all models under play sculptures.
The half-ball is available in the standard colours of red, green, black and grey.
This model has a diameter of Ø695 mm in SBR recycled rubber.
The model is also available in EPDM rubber at an additional cost.
Thanks to the simple, tight design, the play sculpture is easy to place in any outdoor space.

Information about SBR (Styrene-butadiene rubber)

Withstands air temperatures of -45 °C to +90 °C
Hardness 20 Shore A – 70 Shore D
The physical properties correspond to those of natural rubber, and the rubber is resistant to ageing and heat
Excellent wear resistance
Chemical resistance equivalent to that of natural rubber

Areas of application
SBR rubber is also used for other things such as shoe soles, cable sleeves, seals, hoses for conveyor belts and floor coverings.


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