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Play sculpture - Balance stump SBR h 0.4m

Balance stump in single cylindrical design.
The play sculpture is made of rubber with a height of 400 mm.

The play equipment can be included as part of a fitness area, where, for example, you can train your balance while maintaining your concentration. The balance stump can also be included as part of an obstacle course and, for example, in games such as 'the ground is toxic'.

Having to balance and strengthen the body’s muscles are good values. Read more about the values of play as well as movement and learning in the public outdoor space.

Our balance stumps are available in four standard colours. These are red, green, black and grey.

The play equipment is produced in SBR recycled rubber.

Some facts about Styrene-butadiene rubber (or SBR)

Withstands air temperatures of -45 °C to +90 °C
Hardness 20 Shore A – 70 Shore D
The physical properties correspond to those of natural rubber and SBR is thus resistant to both ageing and heat
Excellent wear resistance
Chemical resistance equivalent to that of natural rubber

Has many other uses
SBR rubber is, for example, also used for shoe soles, cable sleeves, hoses, conveyor belts and floor coverings.


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