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Play sculpture - Trunk forest

Simple and sculptural robinia trunk forest.
The trunks are purchased individually and in the desired quantity. Your forest can be as big as you want.

The trunks are ideal for creating a forest environment and a forest atmosphere, and will bring a nice aesthetic look to surroundings. Ideal in a playground, in an open play area, in a forest, a park or a school playground.
The trunk forest is a fun and imaginative play element. Play values include balance and strength. For example, the child could try climbing up the trunk by grabbing on with their hands and pushing off with their feet, a particularly challenging physical activity.

Our trunks have a height of 3 metres and the diameter varies from 12 cm to 19 cm.
The trunks are debarked and splinter-free.

If you’re looking for a different shape or maybe a different material for your play equipment, then see all our play sculptures sculptures here.

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