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Obstacle course - rectangular horizontal crawl net h 0.6m and w 2.4m

Horizontal crawling and balancing net stretched between solid robinia posts. Withstands rough activity as children bravely venture out on the tilting surface.

The chance of balancing your way over to the other side, without falling down, becomes greater when you crawl across while holding on. When children try their hand at this challenge, they discover what works best and keep returning to do it again.

Create a larger obstacle course by placing the play equipment together with other obstacles such as balance stumps or a balance beam.

One of the important play values of play equipment is balance. It is important to train the ability to balance from an early age. And why is that?
When a child trains their balancing skills, they become better at controlling their body, enabling them to focus less on balance and more on other things like learning.
Read here about the play values of the different play equipment here.

This model is made of robinia wood. Height: 0.59 metres, depth 1.69 metres, length 2.37 metres.


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