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Barrier - palisade natural h 0.5m

These splinter-free Robinia posts form a palisade barrier with a height of 50 cm. and a diameter of 14 to 16 cm.
The model here has a raw, natural look compared to the cylindrical edges, which are upright. This type will look natural and blend in well in e.g. nature playgrounds.

We have made a barrier for the public outdoor area, e.g. a nursery, a park or similar public outdoor space with sand as a safety surface or a sandpit.
The natural Robinia posts can be used in multiple ways as they serve both as barrier demarcation and as a seating area for adults and the youngest children in the playground. Finally, they can also be used as an obstacle course, - and in this situation, it’s important to remember that it is play equipment and the fall area will be 1.5 metres from the barrier boundary.

Product specifications:

  • Made of splinter-free Robinia wood
  • Diameter 14-16 cm
  • The length of the log is 90 cm and the barrier will have a height of 50 cm above ground.


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