St. Göransparken

A playground with many play functions at a small area.

We developed custom play equipments for Karavan Landscape Architects' design of the public park, St. Göransparken at Kunsgholmen in the middle of Stockholm. The park is designed with respect for the historical qualities of the park.

A special designed playground inspired by allotment gardens and their small wooden houses with green patios.

For the playground we did a set of Olivia play houses and play towers in a special design with custom elements and colours, that unfold the concept by the architects.

All play houses and towers vary in height and together they create a space with different possibilities for both play and stay.

Photos: Karavan Landskap.

Photos: Karavan Landskap.

Simon Fredsted Nørrelykke
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St. Göransparken, Kungsholmen, Stockholm

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