The Children's Frederiksværk playground

The city of Frederiksværk played an important role in Denmark’s industrial development beginning 200 years ago. When you visit Frederiksværk, the old buildings, the foundry, locks and canal teach us the history of how a city can develop around water.

We develop the play equipment for a new awesome theme playground inspired by the industrial history. As a landmark for the play area is a large-scale climbing structure, where children can have fun climbing, swinging and sliding. While playing the children can explore the craft of casting in bronze or steel, making cannons, cannon balls or frying pans - as well as try to create power by running in the treadmill.

The climbing structure called ‘The Work’ is made of steel and has a web of play and climbing routes. The many different play functions give children a tactile connection to history of casting and generating power.

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Jens Bo Thorsager
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Frederiksværk, Denmark

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