The Children's Frederiksværk playground

For a playground in Frederiksværk, Denmark, we design a large-scale climbing structure as a component of the themed playground, which is inspired by the industrial history of the city. Frederiksværk played an important role in Denmark’s industrial development begining 200 years ago.

Our idea is to inspire children and adults to learn about the history of Frederiksværk through playing and having fun together in an awesome landscape for play and recreative activities. Being situated in a green park in the middle of the city, the playground creates life and activities in the city center and form a natural meeting spot. At the same time the playground is close to the museum Arsenalet, which can use the facility in their kids and school activities.

The climbing structure called ‘The Work’ is an interpretation of the steelwork designed as a play structure. The construction looks like a framework of steel with a web of play and climbing routes. The different functions give children a tactile connection to history.

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Frederiksværk, Denmark

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