BLOX - A playground in the heart of urban design and architecture

BLOX is the home of Danish Architecture Center and BLOX Hub as well as office spaces, housing and other various functions. The sustainable building is designed by Rem Kolhaas / OMA with a spectacular playground developed in collaboration with Carve.

The play space is designed to be complementary to the overall architecture of BLOX, and the outdoor space appears as an integrated part of the whole building's functional, minimalistic and urban style.

Elverdal completed the design and ideas by OMA and Carve and established the playground, based on our expertise on constructional matters, choice of materials, play values and playground security. The Dutch design and engineering bureau Carve is wellknown worldwide for their innovative and ground-breaking playgrounds and play equipment.

Play values

On the giant steps, children can crawl, climb up and slide down again. Besides creating a play area, the steps provide a room for seating or hanging out observing the other children play. Below the steps you enter a cave-like open space, where the children can play together in the playhouses or sandpit, swing or play hide and seek in a long play tunnel.

A large transparent play cage is put on the side of the playground, where children will find climbing challenges and develop their motor skills. Next to the play cage is a sports court for football and other ball games.

Playing develops important motor skills

Swinging games stimulate the vestibular sense
Crawling, climbing and ball games stimulate the kinestetic sense
Touching different materials stimulate the tactile sense

Choice of materials

The playground materials are picked to match an urban and open public space, both in design and quality. Primary materials are stainless and galvanized steel. Secondary materials are 'taifun robe' with steel core. The main staircase is covered in prefabricated EPDM rubber, which is slip-resistant, have a matt finish and is soft to touch. Playhouses are made of larch wood.

Colours are in general neutral and make the playground blend naturally into the surroundings.

Our process

1. Realdania wish to support a new space for architecture and design in Copenhagen.
2. Realdania selects Rem Koolhaas / OMA as architect. OMA brings in Carve to create the design of the playground.
3. Züblin is chosen as general contractor on the project.
4. Züblin selects Elverdal as subcontractor on the playground. Tasks include value engineering as regards to design, construction, materials and playground safety.
5. Local kindergartens take part in a user involvement process.
6. Elverdal, Züblin og OMA continously collaborate on modifications, materials etc.
7. Elverdal makes the final design adjustments.
8. Elverdal produces and establishes the final playground solution.

Simon Fredsted Nørrelykke

1473 Copenhagen K


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