LegeHavet - a thematic playground for Nordhavn 

Your cargo ship is foundered in the harbour, and the goods float around in the water. Only the bow of the ship is sticking out of the sea. - A harbour crane might be able to help you save the cargo, if you can get in contact with the crane operator.

Elverdal won the tender by the architect offices, COBE, Sleth and Sandberg, to design play equipments for a playground in the Nordhavn area of Copenhagen. We created two large custom play equipments: The Crane and The Cargo Ship, as well as an obstacle course designed as ship parts for the thematic playground.

Many opportunities

The Crane and the half-foundered Cargo Ship invite children to role play. - This might by your ship. You have come from afar with all your goods, and suddenly in the harbour the ship hits a rock and takes on water.
- But the cargo ship might also become a dragon, and the crane be a castle, because when playing, children can form the universe just as they imagine it.

The wreckage creates an obstacle course, where children can climb or play hide. All together the play equipment forms a playground with many play values such as body control, sense of space, cross coordination and jumping, which strengthen the child’s proprioception - joint position sense.

Play equipment

1. The Crane: platform in the tower for stay, slide, brachiate rings, climbing equipment: net, rope ladder and rope with knots

2. The Cargo Ship: slide and climbing opportunities

3. Obstacle course: balancing posts and bars in oak wood, wooden boxes which also can be used for storage, poured-in-place rubber surface

4. Open casks with climbing net


Two large play equipment, together with ship parts like boxes and casks form a playground with references to the industrial history of the Nordhavn area.

The industrial story is underpinned by the materials: oak wood, robe, stainless and galvanized steel.

The Crane is inspired by the classic harbour cranes with a long history of handling ships and goods from all over the world. For children it is fun to play in this imaginary universe. The varied materials stimulate the tactile senses, and the playground's many climbing routes encourage development of motor skills.

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