Frejaskolen and Club Rughave

For the Frejaskolen and the affiliated after school care Club Rughave we created a custom playground climbing structure in a Nordic design. The large climbing equipment has space for a lot of children to play at the same time. You can climb, swing in the brachiate rings, slide down, crawl up or down the net, balance or take a break or hide at one of the platforms.

The climbing structure is designed to develop children's motor skills, give sensory stimulation and provide social interactions.

The school's outdoor area is designed to aspire play, social interaction and movement in general. The many play features encourage children to explore, be curious and imaginative. To feel the joy of movement and have body control as well as developing social skills like cooperating, waiting to be next and helping each other.

All our custom made play equipment is produced and mounted according to playground standards.

Climbing structure
The three play towers are connected with a suspension bridge and provide many opportunities for the children to use their bodies and minds.

Children can climb, swing, swirl around, spin and run. The many different routes to climb up and down will stimulate the development of motor skills and coordination.

Climbing net and balancing bars, climbing tunnel, fireman’s pole, half open slide and a climbing wall with grips.

One tower with a fisheye window makes the perfect spot for an observation post.

Materials and colours:
Wood, stainless steel, rope, rubber mats.

Colours chosen are nature, red and black. The design and colours are inspired by the school buildings and the tall red housing blocks next to the school.

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Jens Bo Thorsager
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Rughavevej 6
2500 Valby


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