Are you an architect and in need of advice?

When you develop a new playground for a school, design a multi-purpose sports court for a park or something else entirely, we can be your sparring and collaboration partner. We can help you with material descriptions, tender documents, advise you on playground safety, installation and pricing your project.

If you have designed the playground yourself, and you just want some help developing and building your playground equipment, we can also help. Furthermore, we can offer you DWG files for your finished design, and we can also help you with a workshop if you and your customer want to clarify needs. We advise you all the way from idea to design to implementation.

Your customer and your questions

Your customers probably have different backgrounds, which means the foundation for designing 'a good outdoor space' will also vary. At Elverdal, we advise architects in relation to three main customer groups:

Schools - whether you need to redesign or develop a brand new playground for a school, we can help. For example, we can advise on choosing the right play equipment and give you ideas that incorporate 'physically anchored learning' in teaching.

Day-care institutions - if your task is to help a day-care institution incorporate the elements of pedagogical curricula, then we have specialists who can advise you.

Public spaces - do you need to present a proposal for a cycle path in a park? Or does a municipality, housing association, etc. want you to draw an active area for them ? We can help.

The different steps in the process

We have many years of experience in developing and designing outdoor spaces, and we take all conditions into account. Here you can see the different steps in the process, and you can of course select and deselect our various services as required.

1) Starting up

• Consultation
• Users and there needs
• Budget
• Time estimate

2) Design development

• Inspiration and references
• Workshop
• Calculation
• 2D- and 3D illustations

3) Approval

• Precentation
• Approval
• Delivery date is agreed

4) Handover

• Documentation
• Operation and maintenance information

Here are our employees!

Do you need help finding the right playground equipment or are you lacking a bit of inspiration for the design of your outdoor space?

Whatever your question mitht be, we can assist you.

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