Are you planning or designing a new playground for a school, day-care centre, kindergarten or in a public park, or are you developing a multi-purpose sports court or a training area? Then Elverdal can be your sounding board, advisor and manufacturer.

We help landscape architects, landscape architects and developers to succeed with their architectural visions and projects.

We are open-minded and innovative and can help you develop your own design.

Elverdal offers collaborations within playground planning, design of play equipment and outdoor furniture. We can advise you on design, the play values you are putting into the design, choice of materials, playground safety, mounting etc

We can also be co-partners on architecture tenders and competitions.

Elverdal can help you all the way from your design concept to final product!

Builder - 3D Design tool

We have made it easy for you as architect, landscape architect or designer to create your own play equipment.

When working in Elverdal’s Builder you can:

Visualize in 3D, while you are drawing.

See safety user zones for the play equipment.
Download DWG files to other design software, you use.

Try Elverdal's Builder